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Business Services
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Business Model

The business model for Chris Perez Consulting is geared to organizations that need a flexible marketing solution. Businesses want campaigns that can adjust to dynamic market conditions. Chris Perez Consulting means getting an experienced professional that can offer you a three-tiered solution platform.

  • Strategy – Campaign planning and programming; 360-integrated marketing perspective; branding, messaging

  • Implementation – Key audience communications including executive writing

  • Project Management – Umbrella oversight on all of your campaigns; ensuring synergy between projects; maximizing service and ROI; reporting

Business Services

So what kind of services can an organization expect from working with Chris Perez Consulting? Here is a starting point, but strategies are always specific to individual needs:

  • Marketing Communications Counsel – From design and direct marketing to public relations and social media, I stay on top of the trends and knowing what works. Keeping your campaigns on-time and on-budget means thinking start-to-finish on individual campaigns; while at the same time, keeping focus on the “big picture.”

  • Program Management – Successful campaigns are not just about successful execution: Program plans, timelines, budgeting and status reports are part of the service you should expect. It means bringing you “best in class” resources that have proven success (please see my Partners link). It also means working with your in-house teams and existing resources to get the job done to satisfaction.

  • Strategic Writing – Solid writing is still the cornerstone to marketing communications; a guarantee that the right messages come from all points in your organization. Whether it’s for the website, media, advertising, newsletters or employee communications, strong writing helps define a successful company. As a former journalist and university-level writing instructor, I deliver copy that convinces.

  • Training and Education – One of the advantages of working with Perez Consulting is that I am interested in helping your team work more effectively together on marketing objectives. One way to ensure business success is to make sure everyone in the organization is part of the marketing function which can mean in-house training for both executives and sales staff. Let’s discuss the specific types of training I can supply.

  • Diplomacy Relations – It goes without saying that consensus building is crucial to business success. From traditional public relations to navigating the social media strata, the art of diplomacy goes hand-in-hand with acceptance of your marketing messages. Our current Age of Transparency and the ubiquitous news cycle means realizing that there are reputation-risking landmines everywhere.

The Bottom Line

Working with Chris Perez Consulting means you have a fearless advocate at your disposal -- someone who’s not afraid to give you an honest perspective on whatever the challenge. I work for you and promise to bring a practical, grounded reality to my counsel.

Finally, and most important, I hope to earn your trust with a truthful, ethical approach to doing business. I sincerely believe that has been the cornerstone of my success in my 20 years of counseling leaders and executives.


"Chris understands business and concentrates on activities that contribute demonstrably to his clients’ primary objectives. He can offer insightful perspectives on complex situations and provide both expert counsel and workable solutions. He also is an outstanding tactician whom clients frequently call on for specific needs such as training, writing and event management."

Todd A. Cooley, APR
Colleague and
Former Client